Innovative Medicines Canada (IMC) represents research-based pharmaceutical companies in Canada — an industry that’s often misunderstood. IMC wanted to educate key audiences on the hard work and investment it takes to discover, develop, and deliver life-changing medicines and vaccines to Canadians.

To tell this story we developed a campaign called Hope is Hard Work that speaks to the work the pharmaceutical industry does in Canada. Leading with the unprecedented response to COVID-19, the campaign communicates the many ways that innovative medicines have made life better for Canadians. Highlighting the time, money, and dedication required to tackle these complex health challenges, we provided an honest look into an industry that’s changing the world.
The integrated campaign came to life across video, print, and out of home executions. We also created a custom campaign page that tells the deeper story of innovative medicines in Canada, using historic discoveries, personal stories, and the industry’s response to COVID-19 to educate Canadians. We put a human face to Canada’s pharmaceutical industry, telling the story of hope, and what’s needed to find it, in a time when that’s what many Canadians are looking for.