Nokia is building the network of the future: a massively distributed, cognitive, continuously adaptive, learning and optimizing network connecting all humans, all senses, all things, all systems, all infrastructure and all processes. The company called on Banfield to help bring this new Future X vision to life.

With Industry 4.0 in full effect, the Future X architecture will harness technologies like Industrial Internet of Things, edge computing, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and high-performance networking (including 5G) to drive dramatic productivity improvements across a wide range of sectors. Our challenge was to communicate this complex story in a clear and compelling way.

The result is a series of highly-sophisticated diagrams — including different versions adapted for core target industries such as healthcare, public safety, mining, rail and utilities — and executive presentations introducing the new framework and its transformative potential. For Nokia and their research arm Nokia Bell Labs, Future X is the foundation that the next great age of industry will be built on. And we’re truly excited to have a part to play in it.