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Increasing museum ticket sales by looking through a child’s eyes 


The three Ingenium Museums, Canada Science and Technology Museum, Canada Aviation and Space Museum, and Canada Agriculture and Food Museum, are all great tourist activities that often get overlooked because they aren’t located in a central location like some other Ottawa museums.


We targeted families coming to Ottawa for summer vacation with a campaign that focused on a priority of theirs—their kids’ experience. By focusing on the quirky things that interest kids at the Ingenium museums, we got parents to take the time to visit these museums as it could be their kids favourite part of vacation.


  • Received 0.31% click-through rate, which is triple the industry standard of 0.10%
  • Increased sales at all museums to higher than pre-pandemic levels

We were extremely happy with how this campaign performed. It both helped raise awareness of the Ingenium brand and increased ticket sales. The ROI on this campaign exceeded expectations.

Olivier Carré-Delisle

Vice President, Digital and Public Affairs