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Reducing the stigma of substance use and addiction for men in trades 


The opioid epidemic disproportionately impacts men in construction and the trades. Stigma around substance use and addiction makes the situation worse. Those impacted may not ask for help for fear of looking weak or losing their job. Health Canada needed to convince men in trades that reaching out actually shows strength.


We developed a video, digital and social campaign that depicts substance use and addiction as a heavy burden that can affect men in trades beyond the jobsite. To combat stigma, it acknowledges the pain and stress they live with every day, the scope of substance use and addiction, and that things can get better with support.


  • Generated 116.5M impressions through social, digital and out-of-home media in a 3-month period
  • 15.8M complete start-to-finish video views, more than 350% of our target
  • 88.9k visits to to access resources