Canada’s job market has seen some pretty significant changes over the past few years. Many Canadians are looking to shift to a new career path — an often intimidating, difficult and time-consuming task.

To make their search easier, we worked with The Conference Board of Canada to develop, name, brand and promote the launch of OpportuNext. Pulling from over 13 billion data points, this free online tool helps job seekers, employers and job placement organizations quickly and easily explore career options based on existing skillsets and experience.

The dashboard for the OpportuNext launch over the on24 virtual event platform.

The OpportuNext brand puts the Conference Board brand’s circles in motion, using colour trails to represent the smooth transition to a new career. In addition to written and visual branding and UI/UXdesign and writing, Banfield created a variety of marketing materials for the tool, including a launch event and demonstration video, social media assets and digital ads.