Cyber threats are more prevalent than ever — which means staying safe online should be a priority for all Canadians. But, with complex jargon and ever-changing advice, many people see cyber security as intimidating and confusing. The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) needed to refresh its existing Get Cyber Safe campaign to reach more Canadians about the simple steps they can take to be more cyber safe.

So, we created a program brand that made cyber security accessible for the average Canadian. We launched the new approach with a holiday campaign that made cyber security part of Christmas traditions — with reimagined carols, customized wrapping paper, and cyber security gift tags.

Following the launch we created a series of micro-campaigns about important cyber security topics that demystified the subject with shareable, relatable content, like memes, animated videos, and seasonal content (like cyber safe Valentine’s). To ensure Canadians paid attention to their cyber security habits, we transformed Get Cyber Safe into an accessible, relevant campaign that’s impossible to ignore.