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Carleton University

Elevating a university’s brand to align with its achievements 


Carleton University is a world-class institute of learning and growth, but its reputation lagged its achievements. Fresh on the heels of a bold new Strategic Integrated Plan, they needed to update their image and start to tell their story in a consistent, proud, and engaging way.


We developed a new brand strategy and messaging that repositioned around its aspirations, values, and location. This came to life as a refreshed visual identity—with a revitalized shield, updated colour palette, and new unique design elements to tell Carleton’s story in an exciting way. We also developed a new creative platform, “Challenge”, that invited students to question established ideas and embrace a challenger mentality at Carleton.


  • New brand and creative platform underwent extensive consultations, was championed by the President, and got buy-in from all university faculties and departments
  • Chosen visual identity was selected by 74% of surveyed community
  • Creative platform adopted across the university, from advertising campaigns to communications materials to the name of their first conference

It was a pleasure to work with Banfield on this important project. They worked well to build consensus among the many stakeholders of the Carleton University community and help us move in an exciting new direction.

Tracy White

Marketing Manager
Carleton University