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Canadian Institute of Actuaries

Getting people excited about actuarial education in Canada 


The Canadian Institute of Actuaries made big changes to the way it educates and designates actuaries in Canada. Along with developing a fresh brand for CIA Education, they needed to clearly communicate a pretty complex change to a wide range of stakeholders.


Along with an updated master brand, Banfield developed a fresh new brand and website for CIA’s new made-in-Canada education system. We also created an awareness campaign that put pride-filled stories of actuaries front and center, while also sharing the practical details of the change to students, universities, employers, and regulators.


  • Acquired over 100,000 new visitors to the new education website in 6 months
  • Successfully targeted niche audiences across multiple paid channels and engaged with a series of inspiring testimonial videos

This is a highly strategic initiative for the Institute and our stakeholders, and we made the right choice with Banfield. From brand, to website, to videos and media strategy—they were able to understand our complex environment very well and execute our campaign beautifully. Since launching our new education and qualification changes, we’ve made great progress in reaching our target audiences and now collectively we are focused on the future and strengthening our profession in Canada and around the world.

Alicia Rollo

Director, Education and International Affairs
Canadian Institute of Actuaries