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Time to Mobilize: Google Makes Mobile-Friendly More Important for Search Engine Optimization

It’s no secret how important it is for brands to integrate a smooth mobile-browsing experience online. But as of yesterday it has become even more critical for them to ensure that their site is entirely mobile-friendly.

As reported yesterday, Google just rolled out its most recent SEO algorithm updatenicknamed Mobilegeddon – that now places greater emphasis on mobile-friendly site design as a key signal for search engine rankings.

What the Google update means for brands

Considering that approximately half of Google’s total traffic now stems from mobile sources, it comes as no surprise that the search engine giant wishes to help mobile users find relevant web content that is optimized for their browsing experience.

The update only affects the search rankings seen on mobile devices (not tablets), and applies solely to individual webpages and not websites as a whole. This means that if only a handful of your webpages are mobile-optimized, the remainder won’t bring down the overall ranking of your website.

While a comprehensive overview of the global update can be found here, Google’s algorithm system will now begin favouring websites that include easy-to-read text, responsive design, vertical scrolling and optimized video content on mobile devices.

And those websites that do not comply with the mobile-friendly update will begin to lose organic position in Google’s mobile search results.

Let’s mobilize your website

While Google’s newly implemented update is slated to change the mobile-search landscape significantly, it is only further reinforcing the important role that a mobile-friendly website plays in user experience.

At Banfield, we always consider the end-user’s experience when we approach each unique website design. By integrating full-site mobile responsiveness and optimization, our clients are guaranteed to offer an online user experience that is as seamless and intuitive as it can be — ultimately allowing them to create positive experiences for their customers.

So whether you are looking to create your first website, or want to refresh your existing one, get in touch with us and we can find a creative solution to mobilize your online brand experience.

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