The last 10 years at Banfield, told through memes

The 2010s, like every other decade before them, were a time of significant change. We saw friends come and go, social media platforms rise and fall (#RIPVine) and important questions get asked and answered.

Oh yeah, and memes became mainstream.

To celebrate that last point, we’ve meme-ified the past 10 years of Banfield history — because if we’ve learned anything this decade, it’s that people like memes.


We started this blog.

We had a name change. 


We turned 40. 


We changed up the leadership team. 


We saved the bees.


We had our first four Holiday Happy Hours.


Timothy Jones became President. 


We made some whale friends.


We got a fun and functional new ramp.


And Guy Fieri came to visit… our neighbours.

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