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The Banfield Empowerment Challenge: What We Learned from Trying New Experiences

Whether you’re learning a new language, applying for a new job or moving to a new city —whether it’s for professional growth or personal gain — trying new things is always empowering.

At Banfield, that’s what we’re all about. We whole-heartedly support dipping your toes into uncharted waters. And believe it’s key to improving productivity, morale and perspective. Empowerment is even one of our company values.

To stay true to our beliefs and put our words into action, we dared three Banfield employees to commit to a challenge that tasked them to test out a new habit for a week.

What was your challenge? Was adjusting to the change in your habits difficult? Easy?

Olivier Fortin, Chief Creative Strategist
My challenge was to be at least 10 minutes early to every meeting, appointment or other pre-scheduled event in my life. It was surprisingly not too difficult! What happened was that I did the challenge in the week after I came back from a trip to China. And I think that, because of the time difference and the jetlag effect, I ended up naturally waking up earlier and showing up earlier to the office. Which in turn made me early to most things I was a part of, almost by accident.

Emily Charette, Account Executive
For my challenge, I had to stay off personal social media for a whole workweek. And it was HARD! Every time I would look at my phone, I would automatically open up Instagram or Facebook, with out even realizing it! But after a day or so it got a bit easier.

Amber Warren, Creative Designer/Art Director
My challenge was to go to the gym everyday of a workweek. I would give it a difficulty level of medium. That’s because I was already going to the gym a few times a week, but having to make time for it every day was a bit challenging sometimes.

What did you learn about yourself? Will you continue to incorporate the challenge in your lifestyle?

I learned that for me to develop a new habit, I needed to travel across the world for two weeks, and not be able to sleep right for my whole first week back. Or, in other words, I learned that sometimes the best way to make change happen inside yourself is to make a drastic change outside yourself, to your environment. I guess it sounds a bit cliché, but I never really thought of it like that before.

The main thing my challenge showed me is that I have good self-control! Since doing it, I’ve noticed that I’m cutting back on social media a bit, but I don’t think I would be able to permanently cut it out of my life.

During the week of my task, I started to notice that I make too many excuses to avoid going to the gym. But I will continue to incorporate the challenge in my lifestyle because I know that no matter how busy I am, I can make time to go to the gym.

Did the challenge empower you? Did you notice a difference in your productivity at work?

Yes, I would say that I feel empowered knowing that I was able to overcome something that was a struggle for me for so long. And it really seemed to happen overnight, which made me think that I could probably make other similar changes. As far as my productivity, I have not seen a real difference there, unfortunately. It didn’t get any worse, just not noticeably better. But then again, because I’m used to operating fifteen minutes behind, maybe I’m just late to seeing the positive effects of being early.

Honestly, I don’t spend much time on social media at work. There is way too much to do! But I will say I was more social at work. Instead of grabbing my phone, I would get up and show my face to people around the office :).

Yes the challenge definitely empowered me because it forced me to make time for myself, which made me feel better about myself. I don’t really think it made me any more productive then I usually am at work, but that could because the two are not directly related.

Do you have a challenge of your own that you would like us to take on? We want to hear your ideas — get in touch!


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