Some causes we’re proud to support

‘Tis the season for thinking of others as many of us look for the perfect presents to give friends and family. And while it’s good to be generous over the Holidays, it’s also something we believe in all year round.

For Banfield, understanding what people need and bringing them the best we have to offer is kind of our job — but beyond products and services, we know that being socially responsible as a company can make a major impact on the world.

It’s a big part of how we conduct business, a big part of our corporate culture and a big part of our client mix. So this holiday season we decided to share with you a bit about the kinds of initiatives we support.

Ronald McDonald House Ottawa

RMH Ottawa uses profits from fundraisers like their annual Skifest, RMH Open Golf tournament and 10 cents off every happy meal to provide housing for families who have children receiving long-term medical care at a hospital far from their permanent residence. The non-profit also organizes Meals That Heal which bring homemade food to the families in need and in-house events like movie nights.

As a sponsor and agency partner, Banfield’s involvement with RMH Ottawa includes everything from helping organize fundraising events, to redesigning their web presence, to developing graphics and content for the launch of new campaigns. We hope to keep working with RMH Ottawa on these important initiatives.

Health Canada opioids campaign

As part of its mandate to promote healthier lifestyles and establish accessible, quality health services, Health Canada is responsible for advancing awareness and education on the use of opioids with a focus on reducing stigma towards people who use drugs so that people feel more comfortable seeking help.

Our work on this file so far has consisted of various projects. We developed a framework and content for a new user-friendly website, an online hub for information, resources and videos on the crisis as a whole and the effects of stigma. With more initiatives in the works, we will continue to support government efforts in response to this evolving crisis.

USC (Unitarian Service Committee)

Founded by Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova in the aftermath of World War Two, USC works towards an equitable world sustained by just and resilient food systems. An approach based on agricultural biodiversity directs the organization to promote ecological food systems, support food sovereignty and oppose inequity in current food systems that affect small-scale farmers, Indigenous peoples and women. Their focus is in five vital areas: seed security and diversity, climate change adaption, rural economies, gender equality and young farmers.

With their commitment to rights, resilience and respect, Banfield is proud to work with USC to help bring their brand into the future, while honouring their rich history in the process. Stay tuned for more exciting news about this project!

Mental Health Commission of Canada

MHCC is a non-profit association that manages the development and dissemination of innovative programs and tools that support the mental health and wellness of Canadians. The organization works to follow through on government strategic plans to implement sound public policy and inspire collective action in rebuttal to these issues across Canada. Some of their main focuses are suicide prevention, awareness and navigation of substance use and addiction and youth anti-stigma projects.

Our collaboration with MHCC has produced print and digital annual reports with corresponding video components for two consecutive years, as well as an awareness video on the mental health of health care professionals. We look forward to more opportunities to come!

Soup Ottawa

Soup Ottawa organization generates independent funding for entrepreneurial proposals that directly benefits the Ottawa community. At each event, participants pay a fee in exchange for one bowl of locally-made soup, a piece of fresh bread and a vote for which proposal wins the total of everyone’s entry fee. The dinner also sparks dialogue about what’s happening in the community and builds a network of support that goes beyond simple monetary assistance.

These events have raised funds for projects such as Camps for Children and Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments’ Building Women Up program, for example. As a branding and graphic design sponsor, we’re happy to contribute to the success of Soup Ottawa in our own way.





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