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Reefer Gladness: Ottawa agency Banfield re-brands to meet cannabis marketing demands

OTTAWA – With Canada’s budding cannabis industry reaching new highs each passing day, Banfield has made the strategic decision to weed out its old services and re-brand itself as a cannabis marketing agency.

Banfield hit the jackpot with cannabis fertilizer brand Reefertilizer after their first foray into weed marketing grew into a viral success. The video was in high demand, hitting 100,000 views in just a week after launch last November.

“I had the vision and Banfield brought it to life in what is likely the most fun video of the year,” says Joey Drouin, Co-Founder of Reefertilizer. “Banfield really helped build our brand ounce by ounce without getting too much into the weeds or making a puff piece.”

Véronique Gravel, Banfield’s Director of Client Services, says Banfield is excited about the change but won’t leave its current clients high and dry.

“Working with Reefertilizer gave us a real whiff of the industry,” says Gravel. “We are looking at making some important changes to meet the growing expectations of our cannabis clients.”

Banfield is asking its existing clients to pipe up about how they can benefit from the shift in focus. In the meantime, it will reduce its available colour palettes to shades of green for efficiency.

“Cannabis is a real budding industry,” says Kelly Rusk, Digital Director. “We look forward to blazing a new trail for marketing agencies in Canada.”

Going viral is no easy feat, but that’s not the only thing that shone about the video.

“For likely the first time ever,” says Rusk, “the vast majority of YouTube comments were actually positive, that alone is cause for celebration—and told us we were really on to a winning formula here.”

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