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Reaching Your Sales & Relationship Goals with Customer Advocacy

Business and romance are not all that different. Whether brands want to admit it or not (or perhaps they are still living in the denial stage), it’s time to accept the fact that consumers largely wear the pants in this give-and-take relationship.

Social media has allowed brands to connect with consumers and build direct relationships. But the next step to success is customer advocacy, which involves partnering with your top clients to create brand ambassadors who will help build brand awareness and eventually lead to more sales.

Customer advocates are now considered to be the most important stakeholders when it comes to determining the success of a business. According to GrowInfluence; when it comes to making a purchasing decision, 84% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends, 74% value word-of-mouth, and 68% trust online opinions of other consumers even when they don’t personally know them.

Finding these customer advocates can be a challenging task, which is why customer advocacy programs are key. They allow the world to hear your story, but they also allow the customer to share theirs — providing a mutually beneficial relationship for success.

EDC and Ocean Rodeo – Customer Advocacy Success

Harnessing customer advocate relationships and partnering to help spread awareness is exactly what our client Export Development Canada (EDC) did earlier this year.

EDC recently launched its Exporter Success Program to build brand awareness among their target audiences — small and medium-sized Canadian businesses.

To help spread the message that EDC is here to provide support for these businesses, they partnered with their client Ocean Rodeo, British Columbia wind and water sports company. Together, they filmed a 3-minute documentary-style film to share the story of how Ocean Rodeo turned childhood dreams into reality, and how they have reached export success with help from EDC.

Our creative team worked with EDC to launch the program through a digital campaign that follows Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle model, putting story, purpose and emotional appeal front and centre. A landing page was built as the central destination for all traffic generated by our social media campaign.

We’re currently in the middle of the six-week campaign and have been receiving nothing but positive feedback from our audiences. We have also been tracking our efforts, adapting our content along the way for maximum impact.

Want to build your own customer advocacy campaign?

If you are looking to build a network of customer advocates, we would love to help you find them! Get in touch with our team today!

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