Out of the doghouse: Introducing our newest pets

From helping save the bees to our three-part Barkfield series, it’s no secret Banfield has a long history of being animal lovers.

Whether they come with us to the office or are patiently waiting for us to return home, our pets are there for us through thick and thin. They’re our best friends, our cutest coworkers and the most lovable members of our family.

But in the three years since our last pet-related post, we’ve taken our love to a whole new level. With so many new additions to our family, it’s almost literally been raining cats and dogs here — and that’s just fine with us.

We’ve been keeping our new pets to ourselves for a while, but today we’re letting the cat out of the bag. Meet Banfield’s newest furry (and not so furry) friends:


Name: Molly
Owner: Mark Brownlee
Age: 1.5
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Favourite smell: Mark’s burps

“Molly’s favourite thing is to dig up holes in the backyard and then lie in them, to the anger and amusement of her owners.”


Name: Lucy
Owner: Erin Watson
Age: 10
Breed: Seal-point Siamese
Favourite food: Canned tuna

“Like her owner, she gets meaner with age.”


Name: Murphy
Owner: Lucy Bryn Thériault
Age: 1.5
Breed: Daug (Dachshund/Pug)
Role at Banfield: Official office dog

Murphy likes to be held like a baby.”


Name: Oatmeal
Owner: Liz Jackson
Age: Probably a few months
Breed: Betta
Also answers to: Guppy… hesitantly

“Oatmeal is Banfield’s first-ever office fish!”


Name: Baron Oscar von Hugsbert III
Owner: Derrick Outram
Age: 5ish (He was a rescue)
Breed: Shih Tzu
Special talents: Awkwardly perching on people and furniture

“Oscar has super-hearing. He can hear a car door close anywhere in the neighbourhood or cheese being cut from two floors away.”


Name: Ruby
Owners: Jessica Kovar and Hunter Hill
Age: 2.5
Breed: Short-haired tabby
Favourite place to sleep: On top of people

“She used to be a rescue kitty named Daisy, but one of our friends named her Ruby when she was adopted.”


Name: Abby
Owner: Tom Lynch
Age: 4.5
Breed: Shepherd/Lab
Weirdest quirk: She likes to play fetch with large rocks and will dunk her whole head underwater to retrieve them.

“Abby would be Aquaman’s adorable side kick because she loves swimming — she’s already been for a polar dip in the Ottawa River twice this year.”

Banner image art: Jess Kovar

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