Not Lost for words: November’s narrated CreativeMornings Challenge

It’s the end of an era.

For the past six months, Banfield has participated in its CreativeMornings Challenge —  a cross-department task to create a video or motion graphic interpretation of each CreativeMornings monthly theme. So far, we’ve tackled Wonder, End, Justice, Muse and Flow. For our final entry, we took on November’s theme of Lost.

Dubbed internally as The Writers’ Special, Lost was written by Creative Director Craig Lobban, Senior Writer Derrick Outram and Copywriter Liz Jackson, and fully illustrated and animated by Creative Designer Katrin Emery. It’s also narrated by Banfield alumni and friend Tyler Williams.

“Lost can mean so many things. It can be sadness, fear or hopelessness. It can be a wrong turn on in a foreign country, or something precious you’ll never find again. It can be those times when you’re so deeply inspired that nothing can stop you,” said the team. “But sometimes, Lost is as simple as a kid who’s stepped away from his mother. There are important stories beyond the metaphor — and that’s what we wanted to explore this month.”

Check out the video here, or watch it with us on the big screen at CreativeMornings on Friday, November 29.

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