New Year, New Us: Launching the new digital Banfield

Ah, the New Year. Our annual chance at a fresh start. A blank slate. That time of year our hopes of re-inventing ourselves are renewed — at least until reality sets in and all resolutions are broken.

Wait, not so fast! This year, Banfield is on top of things and excited to be launching our brand new website and newsletter.

Cutting edge UX and design were our top priorities, along with showcasing recent client work and highlighting our amazing company culture — both of which we’re extremely proud. In particular, check out the stunning visual-driven layouts for the case studies, and then take a look at Remi Theriault’s masterful portrait work on the agency page. I mean, we’re already a pretty good looking bunch, but he really took it up a notch.

Really thinking only of ourselves

As a busy agency, we find launching our own new website can be a challenge of epic proportions. First, we are crazy perfectionists and want to put our best foot forward, but we also have to balance the fact that we’re sometimes a slave to deadlines — client work often needs to take priority over our own.

But, after months (ok maybe even years) of want-listing, discussions and false starts, we finally said enough is enough and made a new website our priority. After all, our previous website was released in 2013 — basically a century in the digital world.

Just the beginning…

In addition to the new site, we’ve revamped our newsletter to match. Aside from the aesthetic update, we took a hard look at our content and format and refined it to add more value for our subscribers. We added in an “ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It) section so we could highlight interesting links from across the web, and we put a bigger focus on the visuals — since stunning design is something we care about just a little in these parts.

Another element of our new digital makeover is a renewed commitment to marketing ourselves and keeping these efforts agile and up-to-date consistently — like we do for our clients. So, even though the new website is an accomplishment we’re celebrating, it’s not done and over with. Just like the new year, we hope it’s just the start of something beautiful that will keep on getting better.

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