Love What You Do: 5 Ways Passion Fuels Success

In our increasingly global and interconnected world, it can often feel like there are more things to do and more places to go to than we have time for. Making the most of our limited time has become a daily concern for many, and that includes what we do to earn a living. In that sense, working a job you’re passionate about can have a big impact on how we feel about our life — in work and in play.

It’s no surprise to hear that many business leaders say passion is the key to success (along with a few other key elements like talent, timing and collaboration). And we couldn’t agree more! After all, passion can be the difference between giving up and pushing through in the face of challenges. And don’t we know this world is full of them.

So to celebrate the love that is in the air this month, we decided to take a look at different ways that being passionate can make us live happier and more successful lives:

Passion fuels productivity 

This one seems like a no brainer: Loving what you do makes you more productive. But did you know that passionate people are also more productive as collaborators, decision makers and problem solvers in the workplace too?

Passion fuels knowledge

Passion feeds our thirst for knowledge. Those who are passionate have a greater desire to understand everything about their industry — leaving them ahead of the game and in demand. And if you are anything like us, learning leaves you feeling personally fulfilled too.

Passion fuels enthusiasm

With passion comes enthusiasm and positivity. Not only is this an important ingredient to delivering high quality products and services, but motivated employees will more likely have a positive outlook on their career — which in turn has a positive effect on team culture and results.

Passion fuels leadership

Great leaders love what they do. And that passion helps foster their ability and willingness to inspire, guide and teach others. In fact, being a passionate leader and mentor not only increases the likelihood of your own success, but of the organization as a whole!

Passion fuels happiness

In the end, we only have a limited time on Earth. So by spending it doing something we believe in and love, we are increasing our chances of living a richer, more fulfilling life. That is true for our choice of profession, but it also extends way beyond that – to everything we do in the “off time” of our lives.

What’s your passion? At Banfield, we have made passion one of our core values, and we’d love to help you and your organization bring yours to life. So get in touch!


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