Love the process….creative output of the month: Madison Foran

What is your personal creative output?

Visual Art – I have a hard time sticking to one medium, curiosity gets the best of me, and I want to try any and everything.

What do you like about it?

A common question I’ve been asked is “did the piece turn out how you wanted?”
People always seem a little confused when I say no. The reality for me as an artist is a lot of the time my original idea gets taken over by the process. Which is my favorite part about art – the bumps in the road. For me the beauty and excitement come in the mis-strokes or the mistakes. Some of my favorite pieces did a 180 in the middle of the process. Getting to be a part of that process and learn along the way makes the next painting even more exciting.


How does working on this help you in the rest of your life (Banfield work, outside obligations, etc)?

Life doesn’t always work out the way you planned it. I’ve struggled with the aspect of control before and found that visual art helps give me an easier understanding of flow, change and how every movement can affect the outcome. You can plan a painting perfectly, right down to the last paint stroke. But letting go when the stroke isn’t as straight, or the highlight is a shade off, is when you find new perspectives and beautiful results.

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