Introducing Banfield’s CreativeMornings monthly challenge

Earlier this year, we announced that we’re now an official sponsor of CreativeMornings Ottawa — and what better way to celebrate our sponsorship than with a bit of creative thinking?

We’ve challenged staff across all departments at Banfield to break into groups and create a video or motion graphic interpretation of each of the CreativeMornings monthly themes until the end of the year. There are only two rules: that the video needs to be 10-30 seconds long, and that each group has a short time frame to work on the project. Otherwise, the teams have complete creative freedom to interpret and execute it how they want.

Kicking off the challenge is June’s theme: Wonder. Produced by Ryan Grevatt, Derrick Outram, Kelly Rusk, Emily Charette and Devin Singleton, the video follows a man (our brand-new copywriter Fabio Ricci) discovering the hidden wonders in the world around him.

Here’s what the team had to say about their take on the topic:

“When we started exploring what wonder meant to us, it all seemed to boil down to a childlike quality, a sense of curiosity about things not easily explained. Having gathered inspiration from many places, including the monolith scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey, we set about to tell a story. We knew we wanted it to feel universal to the human experience without venturing into cliché. We sensed an organic progression, a gravitation almost, from the urban to the natural world, so we decided to see where that would lead us. And now everyone else can, too.”

Check out the video below, or watch it live at CreativeMornings on Friday, June 28.

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