Halloween at Banfield: An unnecessarily cheesy costume review

This month, I was asked to take a look at everyone’s Halloween costumes and give them a quick review for the newsletter.

Why I was nominated for such an honour, I have no idea — especially considering my Halloween consisted of painting my entire head like a robin’s egg and then washing it all off before lunch time.

And then I didn’t even end up writing much of a review, really. Instead, I ended up with a lot of attitude and a pretty excessive number of pop culture references.

So, here’s the list. But beware: there are some truly terrible puns ahead.

Peter Mulder, The Dude
Though we’re missing out on the joy of Jeff Bridges’ lionlike mane, Peter has perfectly captured The Dude’s carefree vibe. This look is peak comfort. But that’s just, like, my opinion, man.


Lisa Mooney, 404 error
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Greg Rouble, Fred Flintstone
I’ll admit it: I’m a little disappointed Greg didn’t show up as Barney instead — the Rouble/Rubble joke is right there! That said, I have to admit that this costume did bowl me over. From head to (very large) toe, this look is a yabba dabba do.


Olivier Fortin, Fatty Kreuger
More like a Nightmare on Elm’s Treat, am I right?


Kelly Rusk, unicorn
Kelly looked like a rainbow getting ready to visit nightclub in the Arctic. It was everything I want to see in a unicorn and more. 10/10.


Jess Harris, Emily Charette and Lynn Bereza, assorted cats
Do cats travel in packs? At Banfield, yes. These ladies brought us an accidental recreation of Cats the Musical which was, thankfully, much less unsettling than the original.


Tom Lynch, cowboy
Tom showed up to the office in a cowboy costume with no hat. Fortunately, his costume received a (red dead) redemption when this hat was found in Olivier’s office.


Eleanor Beale, Damian from Mean Girls (2004)
The movie? Grool. The costume? Fetch. You go, Glen Coco.


Katrin Emery, Princess Bean
Just last week, Netflix announced it was renewing Disenchantment for another three years. Could it be because they knew Katrin would absolutely nail this costume? Probably.


Donna Roza, bee
Donna, you look bee-utiful.


Kristal Felea, Betelgeuse
Beetlejuice turns 30 this year, and what better way to honour the ghost with the most than by looking extra cute in his likeness? Thank you for what I’m sure resulted in hours of hair brushing later that night.


Leslie Johnson, Wine Wednesday Addams
This year, Halloween was on a Wednesday — and Wednesday was on point this Halloween. Add in a bit of clever wordplay (note the Poison Noir bottle) and this is a perfect twist on a classic costume.


Stephen Pollock, Pugsley Addams
Striped shirt? Check. Shorts and socks? Check. This profoundly ugly haircut? Missing, but to everyone’s benefit. This costume got every-Thing right.


Mark Brownlee, Joel “JoJo” Embiid
Are those pants regulation? Mark wouldn’t tell me. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about basketball other than that it has rules about shorts, so let’s just give it a 10/10 to be safe.


Aurélie Barbe, “No Name Hufflepuff Witch”
Any Harry Potter fan knows that Hufflepuffs are objectively the nicest of the Hogwarts Houses, and anyone at Banfield knows that Aurélie is a total sweetheart. The two go together like trolls and dungeons.


Chris Ryan, lumberjack
Chris came into the office looking lumberjacked this Halloween. We’re crossing our fingers to see more of this moustache in Movember.


Véronique Gravel, Mary Poppins
Mary looks poppin’ in this costume that was practically perfect in every way! Points deducted for opening an umbrella indoors several times throughout the day and giving everyone bad luck.

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