Ancient melodies: The definitive list of the greatest versions of Toto’s Africa to ever appear on YouTube

Everyone knows that Toto’s 1982 hit “Africa” is the greatest song ever written.

But here’s what you might not know.

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti, Africa is also the centerpiece of a thriving internet subculture: The creation of bizarre and, occasionally, beautiful videos designed to honour the best that pop culture has ever created.

So, in the spirit of honouring YouTube’s unique community, we hereby bless you with the definitive guide of the greatest versions of Africa to ever grace YouTube.

“Africa” by Toto

Uploaded by: Toto Toto

The OG of Toto Africa videos.

Who cares if it doesn’t make any sense?

Don’t make me peer at you sternly over the top of my glasses.

Best part: Too many to count. But if I had to choose I’d have to say the book with “Africa” on the cover that’s big enough to support the entire Toto band!

Africa – Angel City Chorale

Uploaded by: Angel City Chorale

This video has 1,900 dislikes, which is a sure sign that something in our society has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

I would be happy enough with the sound of rain created using only human sounds.

But the actual rendition of the song…

(Places fingers on lips and makes kissing sound)

Dogs Africa Vine (8 HOUR LOOP!) Much smooth! So Shibe! Wow!

Uploaded by: Matt Logan

Wow – eight hours! You could turn this on and, in that time:

  1. Get a solid night’s sleep.
  2. Complete an entire work day.
  3. Compile the greatest versions of Toto’s Africa to appear on YouTube.
  4. Devote an entire work day to compiling the greatest versions of Toto’s Africa to appear on YouTube.

Bonus: Shouts to Vine (may it rest in peace, on a never-ending six-second loop).

Double bonus: This dog makes roughly the same face (and dance moves) I do whenever I listen to Africa!

I now have the only Volvo 240 that plays Toto’s Africa as the open door chime!

Uploaded by: 8 Bit Universe

Remember when it was possible to easily customize the sound your car would make when you put the keys in the ignition and the door was open?

Me either (I may really like Toto’s Africa but I’m not 80,000 years old!).

Well anyways, it used to happen (apparently). Except for this guy he’s now treated to the sweet sweet sounds of 8 Bit Africa whenever he decides to put the keys in the ignition of what I can only assume is his 1842 wood-paneled station wagon.

The Floppotron: Toto – Africa

Uploaded by: Paweł Zadrożniak

The Floppotron even nails the melodies!

All hail the Floppotron.

Toto – Africa ( Chicken cover )

Uploaded by: Big Marvel

Basically unlistenable.


It IS impressive.

Toto – Africa played on chicken

Uploaded by: Joe Jenkins

There are two of these?!

Toto – Africa on a budget

Uploaded by: Joe Jenkins

This monstrosity goes on for six minutes and forty four seconds.

Toto – Africa played on a $1 piano

Uploaded by: Joe Jenkins

As seen in “Toto – Africa on a budget” (see above).

Toto – Africa (Slowed Down)

Uploaded by: Aaron Maldonado

Got some extra time on your hands?

Listen to Africa…slowed down!

“This song its just slowed down,” the description reads.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Trumpet boy covers “Toto – Africa” Hilarious Photoshop Meme 2018 Dankest Memes

Uploaded by: Max Diddly Memes

“Dankest Memes” indeed!

Dax and Kristen do Africa (music video)

Uploaded by: Dan Shepard

OK, I think we’re done here.

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