GIF or JIF? The #BanFam has its say!

One of the hottest conversation topics to dominate the internet in recent years (a big claim, I know) has been the correct pronunciation of the acronym “GIF”, a popular image format among the internet youths.

The debate boils down to this:

The “G” in GIF is supposed to be hard, some say – like the “G” in “God why are we still talking about this”. But for others, it’s pronounced with a soft “G”, like in “wow this discussion is a gigantic waste of time.”

The debate has destroyed families, ended relationships and caused many, many graphic designers to lose their kerning in frustration.

That’s why we at Banfield have decided to weigh in and end this debate once and for all!

In the following blog post, Banfielders will present their arguments for and against, then a mystery expert mediator will weigh in with a final decision.

Who is right? Read on to find out!

Point: “GIF” stands for “graphics interchange format”. Enough said.

The simplest argument in favour of pronouncing GIF with a hard “G” goes something like this:

  1. GIF is an acronym of “graphics interchange format”
  2. The word “graphic” is pronounced with a hard G
  3. Therefore, the “G” in GIF is hard

“That’s all you need to know,” said Banfield designer Stephen Pollock.

It’s pretty compelling. Who can argue with proper pronunciation?

Well, I guess that’s that! Thanks for tuning in to this edition of “The #BanFam has its say!” we’ll see you again next…

Except – hold on – there seems to be a counterpoint on the way.

Counterpoint: But wait, didn’t the creator of the GIF say it was pronounced “JIF”?

It’s true. The creator of the GIF did say that GIF was supposed to be pronounced JIF.

Which begs the question: Does anyone care?

Apparently, the answer is yes.

“The creator of the GIF says it is pronounced JIF,” said Mark Brownlee, Banfield strategist.

Surely, the argument must be over. Right?

Wait, there’s another “point” arising…

Point: Yeah but, does anyone REALLY care?

Just because someone invents something doesn’t give them control over it for the rest of their life.

Do you think Shakespeare would have approved this modern take on Romeo and Juliet?


“Graphic is pronounced with a hard G, who cares what the inventor says?” said Liz Jackson. “He’s a developer, not a wordsmith.”

Counterpoint: We can’t do this to the creator of the GIF!

“If the creator of GIF pronounces it JIF (Soft g) and Mashable and the New York Times reported it to be true….,” said Victoria Evans, Banfield account director.

Point: No, seriously. There’s really nothing to talk about here.

“GIF. strongggg feelings on this. GIF,” said Emily Charette, Banfield account executive.

“Another point: GIF sounds better,” said Katrin Emery, Banfield designer.

Moderator: It’s been a spirited debate so far!

Wow! This one is really coming down to the wire.

How will we ever decide?

Except, hold on…

It seems like there’s another interlocutor appearing.

Interjection from Jif Peanut Butter: Please buy Jif Peanut Butter


Conclusion: GIF will in the future stand for Giraffe-ic Interchange Format

Well, it was a spirited debate!

In the end, the decision will have to go to expert moderator Derrick Outram, Banfield’s Senior Writer.

Derrick, what’s your decision?

“🦒-ics interchange format”.

There you have it! GIF will in the future be known by its full name “giraffe-ic interchange format.”

Or, for short form, “🦒IF” (pronounced “giraffe-if”).

Case: Closed.

Please stay tuned for the next edition of “The #BanFam has its say!” when we will weigh in on how to fix the Bachelor franchise.

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