Getting our CreativeMornings juices flow-ing

Another month, another CreativeMornings challenge.

If you don’t know that means, check out our previous months’ entries to get caught up on the rules. Otherwise, let’s dive right in:

This month’s theme was Flow.

The team — Jessica Harris, Koa Padolsky, Aurelie Barbe, Mark Brownlee, Katrin Emery, Ryan Grevatt and Timothy Jones — interpreted the theme through mixed media. They combined found footage, purpose-shot footage, custom animations and illustrations that captured the spirit of flow. The assorted clips use contrast to make the different styles “flow” together into a cohesive video.

“Flow was present at every step of the creation of our video,” says Jessica. “When we met for the first time and started exploring what Flow meant to each of us, we soon realized that we couldn’t narrow it down to one specific point. We had a full whiteboard of ideas from an Avrocar hovering over terrains to lava outpouring from volcanoes. The list went on and on. It was amazing how quickly the ideas began to — you guessed it — flow. When you’re in flow, your awareness of time dissolves, and that’s where we found our inspiration.”

“Flow is present in nearly everything, from the water that comes out of our taps to the name of a popular 90s rock song,” says Mark. “You just have to know where to look for it.”

Watch the video here or at CreativeMornings this Friday, October 18.

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