How to reach gender parity on your social media accounts

Social media platforms have been at the forefront of reshaping how society communicates. This online world has provided an easy way for connections to be made between family, friends and even strangers with similar interests. Following this realization, brands have also been able to tap into these platforms – creating an online presence with the power to spread their message far and wide among consumers. Social media is also a great way for brands to show that their values align with those of their followers.

One of these important values is (or probably should be) gender equality.

Making brands leaders in gender equality on social media

Brands can have a powerful voice on the topic of gender equality. Not only within their own organizations, but also on the world stage. Advertisers have the ability to make their values heard across all channels, in as many places as they choose. Marketers have the ability to take a leading role in eliminating the gap in gender equality. And brands (especially big ones) have the power to influence other brands, in turn leading more companies sharing this value, creating a domino effect in which access to opportunity and respect becomes less dictated by gender. It’s shocking to think that still today women earn only $0.87 for every dollar earned by a man and that 65% of management positions in Canada are held by men, and only 35% by women. (Stats Can)

Many if not most brands are working towards full gender parity – in their advertising and within their own corporate culture, as more people begin to understand the relevance and impact of the issue. Take Western Union and their “#TheRaceIsOn campaign, for example. The narrative of their video ad is all about women achieving positions normally held by men – astronauts, presidents and leaders of the United Nations. The next step is to make it known across their social channels – one of the easiest ways to connect with consumers – that gender equality is an issue that they make a conscious effort to tackle.

Why gender equality on social media is so important

Why is this so important? And does it make sense for every brand? It is true that some brands are just more tailored to men over women, and vice versa. But that shouldn’t stop them from being as inclusive as possible to both genders – especially when it comes to their social media presence.

Brands should aim to speak authentically to all consumers, regardless of gender. And they should encourage their marketing teams to create content that appeals and attracts both men and women. After all, even products made just for men can be purchased by women who do the shopping for a household. If your content can convince both genders of its value, it’s more likely to be chosen either way.

Using social media to empower women

So how can brands and businesses reach this parity among their social account followers? It starts with crafting advertising messages that are empowering and appealing – not objectifying or devaluing, of either gender. Great examples of this are Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign, Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” campaign and the UN Women’s #HeForShe campaign that spread across social media like wildfire.

It’s aligning brand values with the values of women alongside men, as equals.


Brands who show inclusivity to both genders will be able to break the barriers of inequality and attract consumers to become loyal followers, no matter what they identify as.

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