For best results, put idea in oven and bake at 450… Creative output of the month: Peter Mulder

Like a perfect soufflé, a great creative idea needs time, the right ingredients, and some quality TLC. Some people see baking as more of a science, but our Associate Creative Director, Peter Mulder, sees baking as a way to calm his mind and express new forms of creativity that differ from his work.

That’s why we’re highlighting Peter and his tasty treats with our creative output of the month for April.

What is your personal creative project?


What do you like about it?

I find baking very calming, allowing for creative freedom. I like sharing sweet treats with friends and family and seeing their reactions. Also teaching my kid to bake has been fun and rewarding, my daughter is now tackling recipes that I fear to try.

How does working on this help you in the rest of your life (Banfield work, outside obligations, etc)?

I get to share my creative projects with the Banfam, and of course my own family. It gives me another creative outlet, one that takes simple ingredients and turns them into something magical.

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