A screen grab from the Banfield video "Justice" for CreativeMornings

Doing justice to CreativeMornings’ August theme

As part of our ongoing partnership with CreativeMornings Ottawa, we’ve been challenged to split up and create short video or motion graphic interpretations of the CreativeMornings monthly themes until the end of the year.

So far, we’ve seen teams execute on themes like Wonder and End with great success. August’s installment homes in on the theme of Justice and its many associated metaphors.

We sat down with creators Eleanor Beale, Liz Jackson, Ben Marley, Tom Lynch, and Fabio Ricci to discuss their approach:

“Our group spent a long time debating what it means to be just and how justice affects us as individuals. We ended up finding inspiration in the history of justice, and of violence, control and liberation. “We Must” by Charles Bukowski captured a lot of that for us, so we let the poem lead our narrative.

It was important for us that we end on a positive note, too: a reminder that Justice is an action. It’s something we each have the power to do.

But that’s a lot to capture in 20 seconds, so we leaned heavily on key imagery, symbolism and the poem to tell the story. Ultimately, our goal was to elicit a feeling of Justice in viewers, no matter how they define it.”

Check out the video below, or watch it live at CreativeMornings on Friday, August 30.

Creative Mornings Ottawa – Justice from Banfield on Vimeo.

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