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Three customized retargeting tactics for boosting your remarketing campaigns

Remarketing ads are a powerful tool for reaching a key audience: people who have already demonstrated an interest in your brand.

Because you are only targeting people who have completed a specific action – such as visiting your website, for example – you can be sure you’re reaching a valuable target audience.

Remarketing, when it was first introduced, looked on a basic level like this:

  • A person visits your website
  • A cookie gets placed in their browser
  • That person receives your ads on other platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter or other websites)

That still holds true today.

But remarketing has also become a lot more sophisticated.

Today, digital marketers have a ton of tools at their disposal for customizing and micro-targeting their remarketing ads.

Here are a few ways you can put them to use.

Facebook page likes

Tracking website visits is one way of creating remarketing audiences.

But there are other ways to reach people who have demonstrated an interest in your brand.

One such way?

People who have liked your Facebook page.

Facebook’s remarketing tool allows you to build audiences based on what people have done on your Facebook page.

This includes:

  • People who have interacted with your Facebook page
  • People who have interacted with your Facebook events
  • People who have watched your videos on Facebook or Instagram

It’s a great way for reaching people who have demonstrated an interest in your Facebook content – even if they have never visited your website.

An image showing the retargeting tools that are available on Facebook ads.

An example of the types of retargeting available on Facebook Ads.

People who have watched your YouTube videos

As with Facebook, YouTube allows you to build custom audiences.

But the platform allows you to do more than target users who have watched your videos.

You can also reach people who have completed a bunch of different actions on your YouTube page.

This includes users who have:

  • Viewed videos as an ad
  • Subscribed to your channel
  • Visited your channel
  • Liked, commented on, or shared any video on your page

It’s a perfect way to reach people who spend a lot of time on YouTube, but might not ever make it to your website.

Users who have visited a key page on your site

Nearly every major online advertising platform – including Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads and LinkedIn – allows you to build remarketing audiences based on specific pages your audience has visited on your site.

You can configure this based on what makes the most sense for your organization. But one tactic you might want to consider: targeting people who visit a key page on your site.

If someone has visited this page, you can be sure they’re interested in what your brand has to offer – they’re not just arriving at a random page on your site.

A gentle reminder with a remarketing ad could be all you need to nudge your audience along the conversion journey or into a more meaningful relationship.


Remarketing has come a long way since it was first introduced several years ago.

These three tactics can help you deliver more value to the people who have demonstrated an interest in your brand.

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