Creative Output of the Month: Stephen Pollock

Creativity is our job – and sometimes it can be hard to remember why being creative pulled us to Banfield in the first place. That’s why we like to show off some of the creative work that our team does in their downtime with the creative output of the month.

This month, we’re highlighting Senior Graphic Designer Stephen Pollock’s abstract mixed media painting, and how it takes him back to memories of creating when he was a kid.

What is your personal creative project?
Abstract mixed media painting. I primarily use acrylic paint as a base but like to incorporate different mediums such as spray paint, charcoal & pastels to create contrasting textures.

What do you like about it?
There are no rules, no deadlines, and really no right or wrong. It’s just being creative, like when I was a kid!

How does working on this help you in the rest of your life (Banfield work, outside obligations, etc)?
It’s a creative outlet that helps foster positive mental health. It keeps me off of social media and gets my brain thinking in new ways. This helps in all aspects of my life.

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