Creative output of the month: Greg Rouble

At Banfield, we believe in one mantra above all else: Everyone is creative.

Whether it’s the way someone solves a math problem, teaches their children or, more traditionally, creates fine art, creative outputs have no boundaries. That’s why we’re shining a spotlight on a personal project from the #BanFam every month.

This month, we’re showing off the result of Graphic Artist Greg Rouble’s blood, sweat and cutting board tonic:

What is your personal creative project?
Systematically converting sections of wood to dust and displaying the remnants. Some people call it woodworking.

What do you like about it?
I enjoy the creative thinking aspect of woodworking. In order to visualize a finished piece, you must also think of the steps needed to get the raw materials to the shape you require. Then you somehow have to tell your hands to make it so and if you don’t know how to, you have to learn and practice.

Plus, I already sort of looked like a lumberjack anyway so I figured I’d lean into it.

How does it help you in the rest of your life?
In many ways it helps with problem solving, critical thinking, patience and above all realizing that the beauty of something doesn’t lay in its perfection.

You can check out all of Greg’s creations (including some of the most beautiful cutting boards we’ve ever seen) on his Instagram.

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