Creative output of the month: Amanda Garlough

From traditional arts to innovative sciences, creativity comes in all shapes and sizes. To highlight just how diverse creativity can be, we’re shining a spotlight on a personal project from the #BanFam every month.

This month, we’re staying in denial about the snow outside by celebrating Account Executive Amanda Garlough’s 1,000-square-foot passion project.

What is your personal creative project?
Gardening and raising plants.

What do you like about it?
I really enjoy working alongside nature to grow beautiful plants. Every spring is a fresh canvas and opportunity to connect with the environment and the food I eat. The process of planting a seed and watching it grow into a gorgeous unique plant that lives and produces food is amazing to me. Nature is a beautiful artist that we can learn so much from. There are wins and losses in the garden — you are constantly learning.

What I love most about my garden is being a part of the ecosystem. It will grow without you, but you can influence how it will look, how well it will do and what it can give back.

How does gardening help you in the rest of your life?

My garden is my sanctuary. It’s a naturally calm environment that is very nurturing. Stress can be released in the garden by doing chores like weeding, or feeding, or simply being surrounded by your accomplishments. I also get an immense feeling of satisfaction when I’m hauling in loads of produce that will feed me. The taste of fresh-picked food is amazing! It is a lot of work but it teaches patience, commitment and organization — all key qualities to have as an account executive.

You can check out Amanda’s amazing garden on her Instagram.

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