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Creative Mornings Monthly Challenge: The End

Earlier this year, Banfield Agency announced that it is now an official sponsor of CreativeMornings Ottawa — and what better way to celebrate our sponsorship than with a bit of creative thinking?

We’ve challenged staff across all departments at Banfield to break into groups and create a video or motion graphic interpretation of each of the CreativeMornings monthly themes until the end of the year. There are only two rules: that the video needs to be 10-30 seconds long, and that each group has a short time frame to work on the project. Otherwise, the teams have complete creative freedom to interpret and execute it how they want.

Next in the challenge is July’s theme: The End. Produced by Kristal Felea, Katrin Emery, Stephen Pollock and Mark Brownlee (with assistance from Devin Singleton, Ryan Grevatt and Ben Marley), the video helps us look at the end in a new light.

Creative Mornings Ottawa – End from Banfield on Vimeo.

Here’s what the team had to say about their take on the topic:

The end is a bad thing, right?

Most of us don’t want things to come to an end.

A book we’re enjoying. A meaningful relationship. The life of a loved one.

But here’s the thing: It’s not just good things that come to an end.

Bad things do, too.

Who hasn’t wanted a difficult part of their life to come to a close? The lights to come up on a particularly bad film? To finally – after years and years and years – finish school and launch into the “real world”?

There’s a line from a song that many of us will recognize from childhood dances in elementary school: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end”.

It’s entirely cheesy. But it also provides us an unavoidable morsel of truth.

To start something new, we need to bring something else to an end.

When we begin a new book, we have to finish the one we were reading before. When we start a new job, we have to finish the old one. When we start a new chapter in our life, we need to bring the previous one to a close.

So remember this the next time something in your life comes to an end: It’s the end of one thing, yes. But it’s also the beginning of something else.

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