Black Friday goes live at Place d’Orléans

Black Friday is the epitome of consumer-centric marketing opportunities. We’ve all seen the internet memes and GIFs of Black Friday sales where people go to extremes to get their most cherished items. Luckily, Place d’Orléans customers aren’t that vicious, but they do love a deal!

Just as Black Friday deals come in various packages, their announcements can be just as fun, and potentially more important than the prize itself. A live broadcast of these on social media is a perfect example.

For the past year, Place d’Orléans has jumped on live social media streaming to connect with its audience, build a sense of a community, and get people in the mall.  For the Black Friday deals, Facebook Live was used to get people excited about the sales offered at Place d’Orleans the night before, enough so they would be willing to strap on their boots the next day and head to the mall.

How? – Exclusivity.

These days everybody is time-starved and over marketed-to. With all the noise out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to look for what you need. This is why we created a campaign using influencer marketing and live streaming to allow shoppers to get an exclusive look at the deals on their own time from those who know it best – LIVE on social media!

On Black Friday Eve, fashion blogger Chantal Sarkisian of Modexlusive took Place d’Orléans shoppers through the mall to showcase her favourite deals of the season – giving them an exclusive look at “blogger-approved” products under $50 before doors opened for Black Friday the day after.

She also announced a contest that provided the opportunity for the first 20 people in line at guest services on Black Friday morning to receive a $50 gift card to the mall.

The 2017 Facebook Live was a hit – and needless the say, so was the contest! Early on Black Friday morning, over 40 people showed up to the mall hoping to receive their gift card. The live stream generated over 3.5K video views and 700 reactions. 13K people were reached with this 30-minute broadcast and over 200 comments were generated.

These results have only helped increase the mall’s notoriety in the digital space, along with building a sense of community in a fun, positive way with frequent shoppers. Exclusivity, blogger notoriety and timing all played together to generate a different twist to the typical Black Friday frenzy!

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