Beyond puppy love: Meet Banfield’s newest furry friends

Ah, May… The sun is out, the grass is green and spring is finally in the air.

More importantly, it’s been a whole entire year since we posted about our pets — and as every pet owner knows, that is way too long. But now that we’re approaching the dog days of summer, it seems as good a time to bring up the subject.

Whether they’ve made their office debuts or have been cheering us on from the sidelines at home, our pets make all of our days a little brighter (and a lot hairier). Here are the fuzzy new faces we’ve added to the Banfam in the last year:


Name: Poppy
Owner: Peter Mulder
Age: 6 months
Breed: Australian Labradoodle
Favourite toy: Tissues
Also answers to: Pop, Popstar, Popsicle, Poppadum, Popster

“We chose the name Poppy because she was born on November 11.”


Name: Oliver
Owner: Amanda Garlough
Age: 16
Breed: Unknown
Favourite place to sleep: In a box or basket
Banfield job title: Unemployable  

“Oliver is our oldest and first furry family member. She lives with four dogs and is the queen bee of them all.”


Name: Ollie
Owner: Katrin Emery
Age: 5 months
Breed:  🤷
Favourite food: Old napkins and sidewalk garbage
Special talents: Talking all day long

“Ollie was adopted from the SPCA in Quebec but is originally from Nunavut.”


Name: Lexington Murphy
Owner: Amanda Garlough
Age: 15
Breed: Rottweiler/German shepherd
Favourite smell: Damp towels… gross
Special talents: Melting hearts

“Lexington has survived 3 surgeries over the age of 10. He is the most stoic dog that ever lived!”


Name: Wheely
Owner: Stephanie McCleave
Age: 1 year
Breed: Gerbil
Favourite food: Peanuts and spinach
Favourite place to sleep: Nestled deep under a pile of fluffy bedding

“From day one of adopting him, his favourite place to hang out is in his wheel – he snoozes, eats and plays in it all the time!”


Name: Samson
Owner: Amanda Garlough
Age: 3
Breed: Great Dane mix
Favourite food: Broccoli
Banfield job title: QC 

“Samson has OCD and has a hard time not obsessing over things that move. It can be funny and painful to watch.”


Name: Turnip
Handle: @troublesometurnip
Owner: Liz Jackson
Age: 3 years
Breed: Perfect
Favourite place to sleep: As close to as many people as possible
Also answers to: Mr. T, Wheezy (he’s a loud breather)

“Turnip is the laziest boy I’ve ever met. He lies down every few feet he walks and refuses to run for treats.”



Name: Dorothy
Owner: Amanda Garlough
Age: 8 months old
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Husky
Favourite toy: Plastic bottles and a plush Barney toy
Special talents: Hugs — the wrap-her-paws-around-you kind of hugs 

“Dorothy was the first-born of 7 puppies — and the biggest. She is now the smallest of her siblings but still the most dominant.”


Name: Charlie
Owner: Jessica Harris
Age: 1 year
Breed: Tuxedo cat
Weirdest habit: Turning off the light when I shower
Special talents: Plays fetch

“He loves the basement. All I have to say is the word ‘basement’ and he will run downstairs and roll all over the floor, meow and purr.”


Name: Ralph
Owner: Amanda Garlough
Age: 8 months
Breed: Great Pyrenees/Husky
Favourite place to sleep: Bathroom floor
Also answers to: Ralphie, Ducky, House Hippo  

“Ralph is going to be a monstrously big comedic dog — he is growing at a rate of 10 lbs per month and is naturally very goofy.”

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