OK Zoomer: Creative backgrounds for your next virtual meeting

You can admit it: virtual meetings are a weird experience and a poor replacement for the in-person version. Poor internet connections. People talking over each other. The awkward ending, when no one is quite sure how (or when) to leave.

Don’t despair, though. We’re here to help.

One way to make those virtual meetings a bit better? A fun background! Sure, it might not make your meeting feel any less weird, but at least you’ll look cool while trying to figure out how to make virtual eye contact.

Here are six new Zoom backgrounds to help make your next meeting more enjoyable.

To download each background, simply right-click on each image. Or you can download all the backgrounds by clicking on this link.

For more information on how to change your Zoom background, check out this article.

Excuse me

The Shakespeare background



Stay home, get creative

Fairy Tales


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