Banfield Agency helps Soldiers Helping Soldiers connect with Canada’s homeless veterans

OTTAWA, November 5, 2019 — At any given time, there are over 2,250 homeless veterans in Canada. Ottawa-based Banfield Agency is helping make a difference in the lives of Canada’s homeless veterans with its website for Soldiers Helping Soldiers.

Soldiers Helping Soldiers is an all-volunteer organization of serving and retired Canadian Armed Forces members as well as citizens at large. It aims to help recognize and identify veterans among Canada’s homeless, and put them in touch with local programs and services. Though the organization does not fundraise or offer any services itself, Soldiers Helping Soldiers provides assistance with interviews and paperwork and creates a one-on-one connection to homeless veterans in its community.

The website, developed by Banfield, allows Soldiers Helping Soldiers to make more meaningful connections to potential volunteers and partners. Additionally, Banfield’s art direction, design and copywriting, with original photography by Dwayne Brown, shows the human element of the organization and depicts its day-to-day challenges.

The new website will also aid Soldiers Helping Soldiers’ goals of further developing its new chapters in Montreal, Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area.

The Soldiers Helping Soldiers website is one of many veteran-focused projects in Banfield’s portfolio, alongside years of work with the Royal Canadian Legion and branding and social media for Canada Army Run. This project was completed pro-bono as part of Banfield’s commitment to give back to the Ottawa community.


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