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Banfield and Actuaries: Helping Empower Better Decisions for Canada’s Future

Since the start of 2016, Banfield has been collaborating with the Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) on a six-week national marketing communications campaign to promote the actuarial profession.

The campaign targeted politicians, regulators, media, business leaders, academics, CIA members and the general public. The purpose was to raise awareness about the role actuaries can play in empowering decision makers to find solutions to the complex challenges Canada will face in the future, with a particular focus on health care.

Get a second opinion

The core theme we created for the campaign was Get a Second Opinion, which positions actuaries as professionals whose specialization in statistics, predictive modelling and risk mitigation can help highlight and manage the financial risks associated with an aging population, increasing demand and evolving treatments in health care.

“The goal is to promote the profession so that key stakeholders know the skill sets actuaries can bring to the table to help solve some of the challenges facing Canadians in health care,” says Jacques Leduc, CIA Director, Operations, Finance and Administration, who oversaw the development of the project.

The integrated initiative included video, digital and print ads, social media, TV spots, as well as a landing page on the CIA website. The initiative ran nationally, in both English and French, in a variety of media, including: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and Radio-Canada (French CBC), La Presse, The Globe and Mail, The Hill Times and Policy Options.

Making an impact both online and off

A key objective for the campaign was to also increase the Institute’s presence on social media, with weekly posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn featuring a number of topics from “What is an actuary?”, to the role of actuaries in health care planning. Members were encouraged to check out the campaign and share the content on their social media channels.

“By sharing our posts to their personal networks, members can further elevate the profession and help emphasize the important role actuaries can play in health care and other fields,” says Kelly Fry, CIA marketing manager.

These posts drove traffic to the campaign landing page, which houses a one-minute video summarizing the issues facing Canada’s public health care system, graphics illustrating projected health care costs and a link to Stéphane Levert’s 2013 report, Sustainability of the Canadian Health Care System and Impact of the 2014 Revision to the Canada Health Transfer. A form also allows visitors to send questions to the CIA about health care issues.

The power to change tomorrow today

“We are very excited about this year’s campaign,” adds M. Leduc. “This is the first time we have delivered an integrated marketing campaign that allows us to reach Canadians and to promote actuaries on so many different platforms.”

With its extensive experience in the health sector, and with other national organizations, Banfield was excited by the opportunity to highlight the expertise of actuaries in an area as critical as health care. And we’re proud to have played a part, in our own way, in hopefully building a better future for Canada.

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