7 Great Things About Illustrations

Forgive the pun, but people are drawn to illustrations. How do we know? Two reasons. First, because we get soooo many requests for infographics from our clients. And second, because we’re more than happy to create them. They are colourful, interesting — and they attract attention! What’s not to love?

What is it about illustrations that is so compelling? Here are seven qualities that should make you consider an illustrated approach.


If you’ve ever had to spent time searching for that perfect stock photo, you’ll appreciate having total control over what you can represent. With illustrations, you are only limited by your imagination. Need an down-on-its-luck unicorn with stag beetle suspenders collecting Napleonic stamps? No problem. You can capture things that would be impossible with photography.


Advertising thrives on creativity — so an illustrated approach makes a lot of sense in our industry. Because it is limitless, it allows and even encourages you to be creative in solving problems and creating concepts, pushing beyond what has been done before, or what you might otherwise land on.

Simple, yet complex

Illustrations present information in a cleaner, less intellectualized way. They force you to make choices in order to boil concepts down to their most essential elements. This process naturally leads to simplicity, but by layering these elements and adding visual cues, you can convey really complex ideas.


The human brain is adept at perceiving and recalling visual information — and they can help you overcome language barriers. Pictures, symbols and icons are the universal language. That’s why we start our kids with picture books, but the notion holds true for, say, home renovation books.


Illustrations are effective at any size, in any medium, for nearly any purpose. They can be used to explain a process, or just to add some colour. They can be packaged as infographics or sliced and diced to share on social media. An illustrated style can become an extension of your brand, adding nuance and character — establishing a branded look you can own.


Unlike original photography, illustrations require no location scouting or set design, no costly specialized equipment, no models, no props and no travel. It can be a cost-effective solution for those times when stock photography won’t cut it.

So there you have it. Have a complex idea to communicate? Want to add a splash of colour? Working on a budget? There are as many reasons to consider an illustration as there are ways to create them. All it takes is some vision and a splash of creativity. Let us know if you could use a hand with either.

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