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Banfield is an independent mid-size agency based in Canada’s capital. Since 1973, we’ve thrived in a fast-changing industry by putting people at the heart of everything we do — from the relationships we build with our local, national, and global clients, to the agile solutions and stories we create to connect with their audiences.

See how we can quickly make a difference.

Our services

Strategy & Creativity Design Writing Research Interactive media Media strategy Mobile Web Branding media Social Event management & QC Production Project management Data marketing Strategic planning Content marketing Digital marketing Video & motion graphics PR

Our people

Timothy Jones

President & Creative Director
Président et Directeur de création

Véronique Gravel

Director of Client Services
Directrice service-conseil

Kelly Rusk

Digital Director

Derrick Outram

Senior Writer

Kristal Felea

Executive Producer

Ryan Grevatt

Director, Video & Motion Graphics

Nancy Webb


John Charette

Creative Director

Lynn Bereza

Media Director

Louise Brewer

Post Production & Quality Control Manager

Mark Brownlee

Digital Marketing Strategist

Judy Burns

Project Manager

Emily Charette

Account Executive
Chargée de comptes

Carol Donegan

Graphic Artist

Olivier Fortin

Creative Director
Directeur de création

Émilie Gagnon

Digital Strategist
Stratège numérique

Lindsay Gavey

Director of Marketing Strategy

Venise Harquail

Account Executive
Chargée de comptes

Hunter Hill

Creative Designer & Art Director
Designer et Directeur artistique

Craig Hooper

User Interface Designer

Christine Hume

Account Director

Liz Jackson

Junior Creative Writer

Leslie Johnson

Account Executive

Jessica Kovar

Digital Strategist

Cailean MacLean

Video & Motion Production

Ben Marley

Video & Motion Production

Stephanie McCleave

Media Coordinator

Lisa Mooney

Interactive Developer

Peter Mulder

Associate Creative Director

Stephen Pollock

Creative Designer

Greg Rouble

Graphic Artist

Donna Roza

Office Manager

Christopher Ryan

Operational Manager & Graphic Artist

Devin Singleton

Video & Motion Production

Jeff Steele


Lucy Thériault

Account Executive

Amber Warren

Creative Designer & Art Director

Erin Watson

Digital Media Designer & Developer

How to find us

Banfield Agency
35 Armstrong Street
Ottawa, ON
K1Y 2V4
(613) 722-6832